Black Girl Magic

“Honoring the Resilience and Radiance of Our Community”

As we deepen our efforts to elevate and empower black women through BLACK GIRLS BOND, we recognize the importance of honoring the magic within our community. In the weekly Black Girl Magic column, we will feature those whose brilliance, beauty, power, and splendor illuminate the world. These women from all corners of the African Diaspora exemplify our mastery and indomitable spirit. They reflect the richness and beauty of black women and serve as a reminder of the collective magic that flows through each of us. 

We invite you to join us in this sacred space for gathering, where the magic of black women shines brilliantly.

Latest Black Girl Magic News

Black Girls Rock! Awards Make Long-Awaited TV Comeback On Lifetime After 5-Year Break

The return of Black Girls Rock! Awards would be featuring live recordings

BGB-Staff BGB-Staff

Black Lady Gita Langa Turns Her Love For Flowers Into A Thriving Business In Billion-Dollar Industry

The inspiring journey of Gita Langa, a Mozambican entrepreneur who turned her

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Talented Black Artist Tahj Williams Creates Super Bowl LIX Logo With Beads: The First Local Collaboration In NFL History

The groundbreaking collaboration between the NFL and Tahj Williams, a talented Black

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Dara T. Mathis: Amazing Black Woman Picks Up The Largest National Media Award In The US With A $100k Prize

Learn about her award-winning article on Black liberation and her plans to

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